About Us



Since 1986, we have continued to play very active roles in the provision of IT based solutions to a wide variety of companies and Government agencies especially Finance Companies, Oil and Gas, Hospitals and healthcare, Educational and Telecommunications. A partial list of some of our clients is as detailed later in this document.

We are also specialized in Turnkey operations, Facility management, Business Systems, Re-engineering, Networking Solutions, System Integration, Value adding, Multi-platform migration and Multi function integration. We are also experienced in many areas of Information Technology and Management including new data center installation, Project Management, Financial Modeling, Statistical Analysis and forecasting. System Analysis and programming, Wide and Local Area Networking, Multi-user and client Server systems. All phases of project development including conceptual identification of business problems, requirement and feasibility studies, capacity building, hardware and software selection, extensive user interface at all levels, use of current system development techniques, including fourth generation languages and relational database files and project control management techniques and CASE tools cum Internet and object oriented programming. We market the best of computer, telecommunication and networking hardware and software. We can develop specialized software for your organization. We are also into Document Imaging and management and VSAT installation and management. We also supply the state of art ICT and security equipments to Governments and offer specialized turnkey services